Dattajirao Kadam Kamgar Kalyan Mandal

Management of the Karkhana is always trying to give the job to the people in the area of operation. Relations between employees and management are very harmonious due to the harmonious relations development of Industrial Complex is achieved. Late Dattajirao Kadam Kamgar Kalyan Mandal Dattanagar implements various schemes for workers familie’s. Workers and family members can receive upto Rs. 10,000 Medical Aid, if major operation has taken place. Mandal has Gymnasium, Akhada, Liabrary, Balwadi. Also Recreation Hall is constructed for various functions. Beside this facilities, Karkhana provides 50% Medical Expenditures for the employees suffering from Heart Diseases, Paralysis, TB, Cancer & Leprosy and a paid leave upto 6 months. Recently, we have covered all the employees under VIDYA SHREE (F) Medical Scheme of KLE Hospital, Belgaum.

Late Dattajirao Kadam Kamgar Kalyan Mandal Dattanagar started its activities through Gymnasium, Akhada and Athletics. It is proud to mention here that; some of our players of our Mandal are rating at the top of District, State and National level. Besides this they always get Championship of Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, Mumbai.