Datta Polytechnic College

Our Management has started Polytechnic College from academic year 2010-2011. The Polytechnic is recognized by AICTE, New Delhi and Director of Technical Education Govt. of Maharashtra. It has five faculties viz. 1) Mechanical Engineering, 2) Civil Engineering, 3) Electrical Engineering, 4) Electronic and Telecommunication, 5) Computer Engineering.

Shree Datta Polytechnic College started with the financial support of our cane growers and employees. The financial assistance by our cane growers by way of deducting Rs. 40/- PMT from their Cane Bills from the year 2009/2010 and Rs. 15/- PMT from their cane bills from the year 2010-2011, the total contribution made by the cane growers to the extent of Rs. 703.29 Lakhs, Rs. 65.24 Lakhs from employees and Rs. 2.82 Lakhs from other doners.