Tender Notice No. 04 Dtd. 22.05.2017

Sealed percentage rate Tenders are invited in Form B.

Tender Notice No. Dtd. 02.05.2017

 Tender Notice No. Dtd. 02.05.2017

Tender Notice No.01 Dtd. 03.04.2017

 Sealed Tenders are expected from Authorised Dealers and Registered Suppliers

Tender Notice No.43 Dtd. 07.03.2017

 Reshelling of Sugar Mill Rollers

Tender Notice No.40 - 18.02.2017

 We are in open market for sale of ENA, Denatured ENA, Portable R.S., S.D.S

Tender Notice No. 39/PO/ENGG/CIVIL/2016-2017

 TRPF Rollers Crown Pinion For WIL Make 42"x84" Size Mill = 2 Nos.